We'll build your scalable MVP for only $4k, in one week.**

Are you a non-technical startup founder looking for a technical cofounder to build an MVP, but don't want to wait six months for the first prototype, spend $20k+, or give up equity to someone you've never met?

** We'll determine if your idea fits our "one week" criteria based on your specifications. Most MVPs are ready to test with users in 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity.

How will we build your MVP?

In this video, we'll explain the three phases of the PackageJS MVP Program: What to expect during your first meeting with an expert application architect, how we'll build your MVP, and demo a PackageJS MVP handling one million requests per second.

Secure an investment or start serving your existing customers

Non-technical cofounders come to PackageJS because they need their MVP done, yesterday. If you have an investor who's just waiting to see an MVP, or existing customers of your business ready to use your new digital solution, we're here to help make that happen, quickly.

Start testing with users, and iterating.
PackageJS MVPs are ready to handle heavy traffic.

PackageJS MVPs are built to scale

We call it an "MVP" because that's what you're looking for (now), but PackageJS MVPs are actually full-stack applications that can be deployed to handle millions of users right out of the gate, (so you don't have to worry about that when you start getting traction).